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SDN Job Profiles (USA)

SDN Solution Architect: Contrail vRouter, Networking and Contrail Cloud knowledge

  • oContrail Architecture (Config, Controller, Analytics and vRouter)
  • oContrail Analytics under standing
  • OpenStack Architecture knowledge and deep understanding of how OpenStack works
  • Data Center Architecture/Design understanding
  • IP Routing and Switching knowledge will also add a lot of value
  • Good knowledge of REST API and Contrail Analytics
  • Data Center Design (Overlay/Underlay)
  • oSpine & Leaf Architecture (CLOS)
  • Virtualization Technologies (KVM, VMware ESXi, vCenter)
  • Overlay Technologies (MPLSoGRE, MPLSoUDP, VxLAN)
  • In depth understanding of OpenStack Neutron and Contrail Networking Features
  • Mirantis Fuel & MOS

PS SND Integration Engineer

  • Linux operation and administration (Ubuntu is used in ATT)
  • Linux Shell scripting
  • Integration of Contrail Networking with vanilla OpenStack and MOS (Mirantis OpenStack)
  • Mirantis Fuel overview and understanding
  • vRouter Troubleshooting, introspects and feature
  • oContrail Logs and vRouter CLI tools
  • vRouter feature testing (Service Chaining, L2/L3 VN, IPAM, ECMP Load balancing, LBaaS, NetNS, Security Group, Allowed Address Pairs, BMS..etc)
  • Routing protocols (iBGP/eBGP), Overlay Protocols (MPLSoGRE, MPLSoUDP, VxLAN)
  • Technical writing (Admin, Operation and Troubleshooting Guide)
  • Heat Orchestration (HOT Templates)
  • VNFs testing (Creating of Overlay networking and test traffic flow)
  • Deep understanding of Nova, Cinder, Glance, Keystone, Neutron, Heat, Ceilometer
  • On-site support for Contrail Networking issues

PS Automation:

  • Understanding of Contrail and OpenStack will be plus.
  • Python, Puppet and Chef knowledge (Automation and creating DevOPs tools)
  • Good knowledge of REST API and how REST API use for automation scripts & tools.
  • vRouter troubleshooting tools & CLI tools (Will work with SA to get exact requirements of the tools)
  • Python based tool creation, scripts
  • Heat Template writing (YAML & JSON), auto scaling (Heat & Ceilometer)
  • Documentation of tools and automation work (Admin, Operation and Tools troubleshooting guide)

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