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Зарплата : 65000 RUB Полная занятость

Content Specialist

Основные требования

  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Ability of programming in one of optional languages (PHP/Python/Java)
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics API
  • Ability of creating tools and automation reports for staff responsible for local content moderation
  • Capability of analysis and emerging trends recognition
  • Ability and savvy in tools focused on competition monitoring


  • Keep an eye and identify content trends in different countries. React
  • Work close with content department. Report
  • Be organised and adapt quickly to new situation and goals
  • Communicative English is a must

Условия работы

  • Attractive financial conditions
  • Exotic workplace in Jakarta or on Bali
  • One hell of a ride - Real adventure in terms of job experience as well as personal life
  • Your voice and opinion matters - real impact on the company strategy
  • Young team of co-workers with positive attitude that you can have lot of fun with.... after hard work ofcourse

Контактные данные:

Email: recruit@finspi.id
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» Content Specialist