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CTO - e-commerce, lean retail (already launched)

Marc-Aurele (www.marc-aurele.ru) is a mid-range furniture brand in Russia, created by a French entrepreneur. It is a young start-up, that designs, produces and resells its own furniture for the Russian middle-class. The rapid growth of the project has lead it to evolve from a e-commerce perspective to a cross-canal development, e-commerce integrated with showrooms.

All the IT has since the beginning been managed by the CEO and outsourced (in France for the complicated parts, in Pakistan for the rest). Now that the project is validated and scaling, we are bringing back the IT in-house. For this, we need a leader to take us to the next step. Fly us to the moon.

Scope of missions :

Be a leader in the organization

  • We are a company based on values . As a leader in the company, you will need to understand and love our style, our understanding of service, and our lean model. ​

  • Create the IT development strategy, with the CEO. Understand how to allocate best our ressources, and be able to prioritize.

  • Create an organization fully working on IT, with automated processes. Develop algorithmes to optimize the business model.

  • Be a leader of the tech. team (outsourced and in-house)

  • Allocate operatively your own ressources, ask for them

  • Implement strong project management

  • Progressively create an efficient in-house team, and make it flourish

  • Lead our projects to success (by priority order)

  • Integrate our ERP with the CRM, with the web-shop back-end, and with 1C accounting. First step is to adapt each tool and integrate them. Next step will be to take the tools to the next levels (may be migrate them to more powerful solutions), and may be by creating a custom ERP interface (as a higher layer) for our employees.

  • Develop strong integrated analytics tools. First step is to take us further than GGAnalytics and YaMetrics for e-commerce metrics. Second step is to integrate with the ERP and start strong analytics of the model range, the supply chain, the logistics, the financials. Final step is to create adequate real-time dashboards.

  • Afterwards, gathering the right analytics, develop with the CEO powerful automated algorithmes to optimize the business model.

  • Development of a mobile application (iOS, Android). Our beta version is already available on iOS (you can check it). The next step needs to be an integrated catalog application with the webshop, further it needs to have checkout available.

  • Develop a Point of Sales (POS) application for our showrooms. It will be an improved version of the catalog with in-store checkout, and a full integration with the ERP for information and checkout process (ipad in the hands of the salesperson).

  • Maintain the structure

  • Management of permanent small updates of the website, of the IT tools.

  • Implementation of continuous SEO technical recommendations

  • Implementation of necessary tools for SEM optimization

  • Afterwards, maintain and upgrade the architecture (devops).

  • Who you need to be :

    Technical knowledge

  • You have extended experience in these fields (ecommerce, iOS, Android, ERP, Architecture) OR in some of the fields. Anyway you have the capacity to learn extremely fast and by yourself.

  • You are curious, you love challenges

  • You have heard about RJ-Metrics, Kiss-metrics

  • You implemented A/B testing

  • You implemented ajax web applications

  • The missions of this offer sound for you like "an interesting job"

  • You are fluent in Russian, in English

  • Business orientation

  • You understand the importance an IT to build great companies (not only on the web). You know what Lean Manufacturing is, you understand how Apple has only 2 days of stock in its warehouses, and you know the Zara model.

  • You read the "Lean Start-up" by Eric Ries.

  • You understand how to transform "complicated" into "simple". This is the hardest.

  • Design orientation

  • You like well-designed objetcs, structure, organizations, algorithmes. In the company we dont have a designer, everyone needs to be one sometimes.

  • You love automated processes. You love working hard to create an automated environment, and then relax, look at it work by itself !

  • What we offer :

  • Work in a great and nice team. We are young, international, no hierarchy.

  • Come to a project that already works, and is growing fast. We dont need to find a way to monetize the business, we already generate positive cash flows.

  • See the project grow from a Lean-start-up to a strong retailer in Russia, and lead this with the other key employees.

  • The office is now in Elektrozavodskaya, we will move to Kurskaya in April.

  • Growing salary and advantages.
  • Контактные данные:

    Напишите Августину, augustin@marc-aurele.ru или звоните ему +7 919 991 01 87.
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