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CloudCoinTM – the world’s first cloud currency!
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14 дней назад CloudCoinGlobal CloudCoinGlobal
Будущее цифровой валюты. Часть I
Представьте себе, если хотите попасть в будущее, в котором не будет банков - кроме банков на ваших мобильных телефонах и компьютерах.Там не будет никаких кассиров, хранилищ, кредитных офицеров или зданий для их размещения.
21 день назад CloudCoinGlobal CloudCoinGlobal
RAIDA Guardians
RAIDA Guardians
The RAIDA's backup DNS (Domain Name System) and CDN (Content Delivery Network) are not as reliable or robust as we need them to be. Recently, the Communist Party of China blocked CloudCoin.Global and I do not believe our backup systems worked as required.So we have a new plan that will ensure that the RAIDA's backup DNS and CDN are absolutely indestructible. We want to give our software many more ways to reach the RAIDA.
30 дней назад CloudCoinGlobal CloudCoinGlobal
CloudCoin weekly bulletin 98
CloudCoin weekly bulletin 98
​"One of the exciting features of the exchange is the addition of a user profile," CloudCoin Lead Scientist Sean Worthington said, "This profile is kept on the user's computer and is completely controlled by the user. It will allow any number of exchanges to exist to which the user can connect with the same ID, profile and address."
1 месяц назад CloudCoinGlobal CloudCoinGlobal
CloudCoin NEWS
CloudCoin NEWS
New Roadmap for Liquidity is almost developed. This is a plan that will allow anyone to convert anything to cloud coin and visa versa. This plan depends on the CloudCoin Wallet to or a web-client to work. Once we have this and the CloudCoin Wallet, we can go gang busters on liquidity. Liquidity breeds liquidity so we will provide all the tools to make it easy.
1 месяц назад CloudCoinGlobal CloudCoinGlobal
CloudCoin NEWS
CloudCoin NEWS
NEWS: I have just completed my testing of 2.1.14 and it works just as promised. If I try to send some fracked CloudCoins that need change it takes 11 seconds. It I send someone perfect coins it takes 4 seconds. If we do not check fist to see if the ID coin is good, we could transfer in 2 seconds. Either way it is very good. I found about 4 bugs that need to be fixed and then we can release.
1 месяц назад CloudCoinGlobal CloudCoinGlobal
CloudCoin - New Cloud Technology Challenging Bitcoin

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