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How to use Instagram to Expand your Business

We know that Instagram is the biggest Social Media Platform.More than 1 Billion users use Instagram every Month88% of the user are outside the United State22% of all Instagram users log in at least once a daySo we have an Opportunity to Target that audience those are using InstagramHere are some tips for getting your product and service in front of many users.


  1. Share best Design and Value - Sharing the best design and value give you more attraction towards your business or services and also increase engagement with your content.
  2. Call to Action - Call to action is the best way to drive traffic direct to your service or product page. Call to action will impact on users mind that they should purchase or visit this.
  3. Instagram Advertisement - We now that Instagram is another one advertising platform where you can create ads and start promotion of your content. you can use Instagram to promote your product or service page directly make sure your product and service will be best either you will lose your money and customer.
  4. Right Hashtags - Right hashtag will give you more free traffic to your Instagram page because of Right Hashtags you will be visible to many other Instagram users even those are not following you.
  5. Approach Instagram Influencer - Instagram Influencer is one of the best method to drive traffic and sales because here you can directly share your content with users who are interested in your category. you have just found out your niche related Influencer who have a lot of trusted follower of them. you need to contact them and just send your service proposal for sharing your service to their audience. It is another cheapest method to drive audience.
  6. Start Contest - Start a contest and give some free stuff to the audience who will participate or win. You can also start the contest with another influencer who has approx your follower and tell that if we will start promoting your channel on my account and you will promote my channel on your account both we will get more follower and also we provide free gifts who will follow both channel and share.
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