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Cool distribution of 200$ from COINSBIT + 100$ for a friend | Token CNB |

Today I will tell you how to get 200$, or maybe a lot more.

So, how do you get $ 200 from COINSBIT cryptoexchange?

|| Everything is as simple as possible and takes 5 minutes ||

1. Go to the site — link to the site will be below.

2. Register

|| After registration, you can invite friends, and receive 1000 CNB (~ 100$) for each friend invited ||

|| It seems weird, but that’s all you had to do :) ||

|| To stupid comments in the form / This is a scam / 200$ for 5 minutes? Yes it’s a hoax / etc. I’m not going to answer. All questions that confuse you, you can always ask me. A link to my Telegram will be below ||


|| You need to click on the link below and register immediately ||



COINSBIT | COINSBIT <—- or click here

1. If you register without a link, you will not receive 2000 CNB coins. Personally, when I heard the news, I ran to register and did it without clicking on the link, so I did not get 2000 CNB |

|| We press the balance, there you can look at the number of CNB coins.

2. After registration, you will immediately receive coins on the balance. But you can use (exchange, withdraw, transfer, trade, sell) only after the end of IEO.

3. MANDATORY TO PERFORM VERIFICATION before December 21, If it is not passed, then the coins will not be available to you after December 21.

Coin CNB | What is it?

|| Those who are a little familiar with the world of cryptocurrency and know what ICO and IEO are, I think they will understand how it works and what’s what.

|| CNB is a coin from the COINSBIT exchange, which is currently undergoing the IEO stage. The exchange gives coins in the amount of 2000 (~ 200$) CNB for registration and 1000 (~ 100$) CNB for an invited friend.

|| Earlier, COINSBIT gave out AirDrop(s) coins, and those who participated received 5000 CNB (~ 500$) | Alas, I missed the distribution of coins.


— Name of coin | CNB

— Coin makers | Cryptocurrency exchange COINSBIT

— Planned price at startup | 0.1 USD

— ending IEO | 21 December

What to do with coins?

1. After the end of IEO, you can sell your coins inside the exchange | Most likely, the coin will be traded on other crypto exchanges.

2. Keep it, and wait for the price increase for the coin. Later to sell.

|| As practice shows, at first the coins fall in price (since they are immediately sold, in an attempt to make a profit), but later, the coins give very good growth, somewhere by 2-3 times in a short period. Since CNB is a coin of the COINSBIT exchange, and almost all EXCHANGE coins give stable growth, this is what one should expect from a CNB ||

|| As an example, a Binance Coin (BNB) coin at the beginning (2017) cost $ 0.1; now, the cost for one coin = 20$.

|| I don’t know exactly how to transfer coins, but as I understand it, the coin will work on the Ethereum blockchain according to the ERC-20 standard. This means that they can be transferred to your Ethereum wallet.

Thank you for your attention, I hope it helped.

Posted by: Evgeny Troev


All questions, you can ask me personally in telegram and in the commentary of the article.

At the end of IEO, I will write another article, and maybe a couple, about CNB coins, what I did with them, how I sold it, where I invested and how I brought it out.


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Evgeny Troev

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