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Operating Theatre Control Panel

Operating Theatre Control Panel is a panel screen that allows surgical teams to interact and get information about the humidity, controlling the lights, temperature, oxygen level and other critical values in an operating theatre.

Operating Theatre Control Panel is a panel screen that allows surgical teams to interact and get information about the humidity, controlling the lights, temperature, oxygen level and other critical values in an operating theatre. These panels are used in operating theatres to provide the best environment required for a hygienic, safe and high standard operating theatres. To achieve a high quality and standard operating theatre, control panels should be implemented into the operating rooms.

What are the features of Operating Theatre Control Panel?

  1. Its touch screen panel allows the surgical teams to interact safely and quickly.
  2. Controlling the room settings such as; turning lights on/off, AC settings, UV light on/off.
  3. Providing necessary information such as; temperature level, humidity level, room pressure difference, medical gas status.

Aktif Group manufactures the highly equipped, reliable and high technology Operating Theatre Control Panel. Aktif group manufactures different models of control panels like OCP-9, OCP-10, OCP-11 and OCP-21. It is possible to choose the model based on the requirement because each model has different specification and technologies.

Aktif Group is a pioneer company in medical devices industry. Producing the highest quality products and allowing its customers to reach high standard medical environments in hospitals. Every detail is thought carefully and implemented in Aktif Groups’ medical devices to make sure that operating theatre has the most suitable working environment.

Especially with the technological improvements in the medical sector, it’s very important for hospitals to not left behind and keep up with the technology to provide it’s patients and surgical teams the optimum environment. Operating Theatre Control Panel will allow the hospitals to reach their target environment in their hospital.

contact : https://aktif.net/en/product-and-services/Isolated-Power-Systems/Isolated-Power-Panels

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