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Sakartvelo- Country you must visit

The country of Georgia (known in the Georgian language as "Sakartvelo") offers a richness of experience for travelers with which the state just can't participate.

Here are the top places to visit in Georgia.
Tbilisi’s Narikala Fortress isn’t technically ancient, even though it occupies a very old site. The 13th century church that originally sat perched above Tbilisi’s Old City burned down, and most of what currently exists was built in the late 1990s. Still, this is a must-see when you come to Georgia, if only because of the panorama it offers of Tbilisi’s city center and the Kura River, which snakes through town. If you don’t feel like hiking up to the fortress, which takes about 15-20 minutes, ride the cable car inside.
Georgia is a treasure trove of Orthodox architecture, it so happens, with another beautiful example being the hilltop 14th century Gergeti Trinity Church, located in the Caucasus Mountains a few hours north of Tbilisi. From the town of Stepantsminda, the nearest settlement to the church, it’s about 90-minutes on foot at a brisk pace on a relatively steep incline. On a clear day, you can spot Mount Kazbeg (one of the highest peaks in the Caucasus Mountains) towering above the church from many points in the town, including the Rooms Hotel.
Want to see an amazing religious site in Georgia, but can’t devote an entire day and night to visiting Kazbegi? Another option would be to take a day trip from Tbilisi to Davit Gareja, a massive monastery complex a couple of hours from the city that’s literally carved into a mountainside. Tour buses to Davit Gareja, which dates back to the 6th century, leave from Tbilisi’s Freedom Square every morning.
Among the many reasons Georgia is rising to mainstream prominence? The country’s long-secret wine scene (the Caucasus region is arguably where the modern wine tradition was born) is gaining more and more positive press, from the honey-sweet white wine Tvishi to fruity Aguna rosé. Popular wineries in the Kakheti region southeast of Tbilisi include Pheasant’s Tears and Shumi Winery Khaketi.

Whether you enjoy high-end shopping, having a coffee or cocktail in trendy cafés that evoke Western Europe or hiking in the mountains, you’re sure to have a lovely time in Georgia.

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