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In the Ukrainian market, the rather famous gambling company Agroforce is actively operating. The agricultural organization is engaged in the cultivation of grain crops and vegetables in supplies to popular supermarket https://en.agroforce-llc.com/glavnaya/oilseeds/flax-seed/ chains in Ukraine, such as ATB, Silpo, and others.

In the Ukrainian market, the rather famous gambling company Agroforce is actively operating. The agricultural organization is engaged in the cultivation of grain crops and vegetables in supplies to popular supermarket https://en.agroforce-llc.com/glavnaya/oilseeds/flax-seed/ chains in Ukraine, such as ATB, Silpo, and others.

The company began its existence in 2004. At that time, there were only four people on the staff. Agroforce rented land in the Kherson region, where it started to grow:





other crops.

Gradually, the company began to develop, and in 2006 it already had eight specialists on its staff, cultivated almost twice as much land, and, accordingly, received significantly more harvest. The company introduced a drip irrigation system for its fields, which positively influenced the harvest’s growth, the rapid growth of vegetables. In 2009, the agricultural organization successfully entered the international market. The first onion crop was exported to Poland, where it was recognized as the best in Europe.

Today the company continues to develop, breaking its harvest records actively. Today Agroforce has several permanent partners who speak flatteringly about cooperation. The agricultural organization provides exclusively high-quality products, provides the necessary volumes of goods on time, and adheres to agreements.

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