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5 TOP 3D modelling secrets: FOR ALL visual addicted

Architecture | Design | 3D models | 3D scenes | Interior design | Download 3D models

No matter if you are a professional architect, student of the faculty of design, or a professional specializing in visualization, there are no limits to perfection. It’s always useful to know updated info, interesting tips from 3D modeling and rendering sphere, so you can master your skills easily.

Secret 1: Be Easy.

Keeping things easy will help you to make model look more natural. Luco Nemolato, an Italian concept artist and costume illustrator, says that he uses really basic tools in his work:

— Standard brush

— Clay brush

— Clay tubes

Secret 2: Choose from The Best Models

Selecting right sourcing for your work will save you time, money, and efforts. Professional websites where you can download 3D models are numerous today, so pay attention to these factors while choosing 3D models or 3D scenes:

— the quality;

— the terms of download;

— the terms of use.

We’d say, choose professional web recourse, like https://ardemax.com/. It was specially developed to provide high-quality information for the visual professionals. Thanks to smart navigation, you can easily find the 3D element you need choosing out from sections:

1. 3D Scenes

2. 3D Models

3. 3D Compositions

4. 3D Collections

5. 3D Free

You can download 3D models, browsing the categories.

Secret 3: Work on Pose

When you are modelling 3D character, pay attention to the pose. Andrew Hickinbottom, a 3D character designer and modeler, says it is important to keep in mind these steps:

1. Imagine the silhouette of your model;

2. Think about line of actions of this model;

3. Find angles and shapes of the model and focus on them.

Secret 4: Be Up-To-Date With Modern Tech

YouTube is a powerful source of information where you can find literary tons of super fresh news. Check out these channels if you still don’t follow them. BTW, really?

* Photoshop. Architect. | 126.000 followers

* CGTricks | 20.000 followers

* Evermotion | 20.000 followers

* ChaosGroupTV | 183.000 followers

* ARQUI9 Visualization | 115.000 followers

Check out very interesting CG Garage Podcast. One of series tells a story about Aron Hjartarson and his way to 3D: https://www.youtube.com/watc? v=vElAt7IKinc.

Secret 5: Shortcut Is Your Best Friend

Remember that mastering shortcuts on your PC is a great time saver. You can use any rendering or modeling software much more easy. Make notes, put them in from of your eyes, and you will see soon that you start using programs in a more profound way. Also if you will have a desire to download 3D model, you can easily find the most useful website in your favorites.

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