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Technical Project Director

Marine MAN is inviting for consideration and looking for the Technical Project Director. Responsibilities: o Creating technical specifications o Prototyping o Software architecture development o Planning and supervision at all stages of work on projects o Stacking up the development team o Participation in the project development process (server and client parts, QA) o Maintenance and software support during use Requirements: o Experience in back-end / front-end development for large commercial projects (full-stack preferred) o Coding skills: any php, js, etc. frameworks (Preferred knowledge of laravel, symphony, noda, react, view) o Experience in managing a team as a technical director / manager, team-lead or project-manager, using agile. o Knowledge of prototyping software o Skills in solving architectural and complex problems We offer: • challenging tasks • stable and competitive remuneration; • bonus system • work in an excellent friendly environment • active holidays with colleagues, • prospects for professional and career growth

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+380674955943 (WhatsApp, Viber и Telegram)
Опубликовано 12 Марта 2020 —

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