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Network Security Tools and Techniques

Network Security

Assessing security controls includes more than just examining a firewall to perceive what ports are open and after that running off to a tranquil space to produce a report. It is normal for security designers to incline toward innovation and concentrate on specialized security control testing (also called infiltration testing) since it is likely the "fun" some portion of the security for generally builds. Directing an infiltration test resembles declaring war to security experts, and it gives them a chance to flex their programmer aptitudes. Testing security as a framework, be that as it may, includes essentially more than propelling painstakingly made malevolence parcels at the system to perceive what happens. This section talks about programming devices and procedures inspectors can use to test arrange security controls.

Security Testing Frameworks

There are numerous security testing methodologies being used today by security auditors for technical control assessment. Four of the most common are as follows:

Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM)

Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF)

NIST 800-115

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Security Auditing Tools

The power and advancement of instruments that evaluators have available to them increment exponentially consistently. Not exclusively are the creators of these instruments really splendid people (and some alarming ones, as well), they have additionally helped the security group essentially through the computerization of cutting edge testing strategies.

The following sections discuss a few commercial and open source assessment tools that can be utilized to successfully review Cisco systems.

  • 1.NMAP
  • 2.Hping
  • 3.Nessus,
  • 4.RedSeal SRM
  • 5.TcpDump
  • 6.Wireshark
  • 7.Core Impact
  • 8.Metasploit Project
  • 9.Backtrack

For more information check out Network Security Engineer blog

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