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О проекте «MetricsCat»

MetricsCat is a huge data source for app information & user reviews, allowing to track and analyze them.

MetricsCat allows you to:
  • Track your apps reviews from app markets;
  • Collect all reviews from different app markets and web mentions in one place;
  • Translate the reviews and see language chart;
  • Filter reviews by emotions, length, rating, keyword etc.;
  • See app reviews timeline and app events history;
  • Export your followed apps reviews.

About MetricsCat:
MetricsCat launched in spring 2013 after winning a hackathon Garage48.
One of the co-founders worked in a game studio and felt it was important for developers to understand user feedback from reviews left on appstores. Most games have lots of reviews and it's hard to get valuable insights from app markets with just raw data. A trendy name proves MetricsCat founders’ ability to keep pace with the times. It is being free yet, but its founders promise to make most of listed features in private access as soon as other premium features are developed. So, why not giving the best of this service now?

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