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eAgent.me is launching revolutionary services to Sell and Buy

eAgent.me is launching revolutionary services to Sell and Buy property reducing or eliminating real estate agent fees and saving money and time on real estate transactions.

In today's world, more and more services, such as UBER or Airbnb, are being optimized by technology to make lives easier.Now it's time for the real estate industry.

eAgent.me has created unique algorithms and an automated process allowing for:

- Sellers can put their property for sale in a few easy steps, create a 3D tour, and the program will distribute it worldwide. eAgent.me's technology allows them to reach a larger pool of potential buyers by opening up the opportunity of international buyers and translating listings to other languages.

- Buyers can select a property by setting their own requirements and criteria. eAgent's programs are designed to find the best properties for the best deals based on the buyer's behavior. They monitor new deals in specific areas and make sure these properties match the requirements and criteria the buyer is searching for before negotiating the price on their behalf.

- Block Chain technology allows buyers and sellers to execute all transactions online, from signing the contract, to the transferring property titles. Thus saving people time and money.

eAgent.me aims to transform real estate into a more advanced and customer-oriented marketplace.This approach to real estate allows property sellers to use smart technology to list their property through a simple process and save on real estate commission. eAgent.me also does complimentary Comparative Market Analysis and allows sellers to create 3D tours for free, which helps buyers to preview property from anywhere in the world.For buyers, eAgent.me finds the best properties and rebates 3%-6% of the purchase price at the closing. This allows buyers to save more money during their move, enough to buy new cars or remodel their new condos in Miami.Recently, clients have gotten rebates of $90,000 when purchasing new construction condos.

eAgent.me has its robots do the work for its clients, allowing them to eliminate real estate commissions while making transactions far simpler and faster.Unlike traditional real estate services which charges the Seller an average of 6% commission when selling homes (3% for listing agent and 3% for selling agent), they change this outdated approach, charging only a flat fee at the closing. In addition to reducing costs eAgent.me utilizes the latest technologies to make the work flow more efficient. The unique application allows the property owner to quickly and easily list his or her property, and the listing appears in different languages receiving substantially more exposure on the international market."We believe the real estate marketplace needs to be transparent and technology makes all services more affordable and allows our client to be in control of their transaction while doing all the work and getting them the best deal possible. Traditional real estate and 6% commissions are in the past! We are in the 21st century!" said Sergey Kashin, CEO, eAgent.me Inc.About eAgent.me

For the past 8 years, the eAgent.me team has successfully operated a traditional local real estate agency. Everything has moved online and real estate is moving that direction too. They work on finding the right proportion of personal assistance and online experience.The eAgent.me team has real estate professionals with top producers and closers, marketing and technical specialists, including their broker, who has over 15 years of professional experience and real estate licenses in Florida and California. Their CTO has a successful track record of IT projects, including real estate AI.For additional information visit their website http://eagent.me/

Contact:Sergey Kashin,

CEOeAgent.me Inc.

Phone: 786-661-6899


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