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10 Tips To Build Your Own Web Portal In 2020

A web portal is a type of website that is used to collect all of the information on a web domain and present it in ways that users find easy to manage. Different types of portals do different things depending on their use case.

If you are considering building your web portal in 2020, or looking for a web portal development company, such as GoodCore Software , here are some key points to help you get started.

1. Identify your goals — this helps determine the type of portal that will best meet your needs.

2. Make sure you understand how the portal works and the features you can offer and choose the ones that apply to your business.

3. Look at your customer data to provide a level of personalization. Users like portals that they feel have been tailored to their needs.

4. Choose a web portal software — there are many alternatives and they are often open-source. When you’ve found one you like upload the software and follow the instructions.

5. Learn about MySQL — most types of web portal software work on databases so you will need to have some understanding of how these work.

6. Make sure your portal looks good; sites that are not visually appealing do not hold the attention of the users. Several studies have shown that color schemes influence user engagement.

7. Looks are less important than feel and function. If the portal doesn’t work well users will simply click away.

8. Decide what you are offering — have a clear idea about how visitors will interact with the portal and make sure the information they need is easily found.

9. Take account of finance — the major impact on development costs are software and technology. The use of open-source software can help keep your project inline with your budget.

10. Marketing — This is an essential consideration when it comes to web portal development and should include blog posts, social media, and so on as well as looking at SEO. Marketing can be very time consuming but it is worth its weight in gold when you start to reap the benefits.

Content source: https://aristeksystems.com/blog/10-tips-build-your-own-web-portal-2020/

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