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О проекте «12go.asia»

About 12Go Asia

Headquartered in Singapore with its main SEA operation office in Bangkok, 12Go.Asia is dedicated to serving multi-cultural and multi-national customers with high-quality, safe, secure and efficient regional transportation services. Registered in 2013 now the company becomes a global system of mutual settlements between agents and public transportation companies. 12Go Asia’s core business is aimed at consolidation in the mass transit industry bearing the current challenges of the modern urban mobility. By using our best-in-class mobile app customers are able to automate their travel purchases with multiple convenient payment options.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an integral member of the community by providing meaningful and cost-effective transportation choices. We want to help both the leisure and business travelers discover easily accessed e-tickets for buses, ferries, trains and air accommodations with the pan-regional and global reach.

What do we do

We build the system to issue multi modal tickets in South East Asia. A single entry point for passengers, operators and agents across countries, languages, currencies and cultures, a cloud in Asian transportation heaven.

The team

The team counts around 30 people working on the range of projects, including core, data, mobile, business, pr and content. Our IT team is mostly Russian-speaking, located in Thailand in the seaside town.

Read about us in Russian - https://12go.asia/ru/about

  • Specialties - OTA, Travel, E-commerce, Transport
  • Website - http://12go.asia
  • Industry - Leisure, Travel & Tourism
  • Company Size - 11-50 employees
  • Founded - 2013
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