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О проекте «32dayz»


A dones tracker

You can post what you've actually done or completed. Not what you're doing. But what you've just done. If you’ve got a significant result then mark it as an achievement. So the team will be able to celebrate it with you.

A dones collector

It imports tasks which have been accomplished from any sources like Trello and Jira, so you can see what your team have really done.

A newspaper

You get everyday digest right into your inbox, so you can see what your team has done and achieved for the yesterday.

A discussion board

You can and you should intervene into tasks' discussion as early as possible, because the cost of failure increases as the project is moving to the final.

A history tracker

You can see what you team have done and achieved. Hence at the end of any day, your team feels that it has worked hard and here is the result. And you can send reports to your clients or investors.

A company wall

Here you can make important announcements so that everyone in a company would be in the loop. And you can comment on them. It's an open culture.

Not another bugs/issues/tasks tracking system

You cannot create tasks in 32dayz, assign them to employees and then change statuses up to the tasks’ completion. Go & try Trello, Jira, Asana, etc.

An HR assistant

32dayz automatically tracks vacations and days off for your employees. And it even say ‘happy birthday’ to your employees, automatically, really!

A time tracker

You can track time directly in 32dayz. Clients, projects, departments and tags – all these helps you get structured and well organized time reports.

A time aggregator

It imports tasks and time spent on the tasks from any sources your employees can work with – Jira, Redmine, Teamwork and Trello. Thus you get the whole picture.

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