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О проекте «Wallary »

Short Introduction of our project

In the morning you went to the mountains with your daughter and took pictures of beautiful views.
At lunch your nephew celebrated his first birthday and of course you filmed the event on video.
In the evening, you worked on a document to present it tomorrow, but you need to save somewhere your document...
Question how to save all those important events in one place and organize them?
The answer is simple!
Keep them all in one service, on Wallary.
Wallary is an virtual Library and Gallery for everything starting from images finishing files, books and topics.
The most important thing is that you are organizing stuff on the shelves. Your personal wallboard - its your reading card just like in a real library. But a little more interesting.

Our client is - a young, creative and inspired his ambitious person, who is very interested in spending time and especially on the Internet reading the inspired authors posts.
Our Goal
To make your time on the internet with a good advantage. While you reading third part of the adventure book, or working on your file knowing that everything is gonna be fine. We want to make it clear that it is not necessary to live for the Internet, on the contrary the Internet should live for you because it's great to share interesting and cognitive things, learning new horizons...

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