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​Advanced gamers still prefer online games for PC and consol

In August the biggest event of gamer’s world international computer games exhibition Gamescom took place in Keln, Germany. Same time company Samsung has published survey results on the subject of which games were the most popular between advanced gamers.

Eventually survey results have shown that network games got the biggest popularity. Without reference to would it be multiplayer games or tournament games all gamers preferred network types of games.

Regarding statistic data 42% of interviewed choose multiplayer games and 34% of survey participants like both multiplayer and single mode games. And 80% says, that they prefer network games or at least they share their playing time equally for online and offline gaming.

If world’s statistic shows that gamers started preferring mobile games, advanced gamers, especially Gamescom visitors have different preferences. PC and playing consols like PlayStation and Xbox stay most demanded gaming platforms for them, noted 57% of interviewed and 35% accordingly.

Topical gamer’s necessary purchases

Such situation of classic playing devices popularity like PCs and consols leads to gamers planning of buying new monitor (16%), other plans investing in Smart TV (10%) and 12% of respondents plan memory card or solid state drive buying.

Great part of interviewed identify themselves ready to spend big amount of money for their hobby. For example 48% of respondents buys gaming equipment from 100 to 500 euro yearly, and 17% spend from 500 to 1000 euro yearly.

Concerning spending for new games half of players expend from 100 to 300 euro and 17% of players expend from 300 to 500 euro yearly.

Most respondents at exhibition were at the age of 18-24 years. If we talk about the portrait of the average visitor of the exhibition, that is the man with gaming experience above 10 years which spends from 2-4 hours playing computer games daily.

5G network and streaming technologies

Most gamers (88%) admitted that they`re already familiar with network 5G, but they still think that its influence for gaming now stays on the law level. But they will find usage in streaming technologies and services for content delivery – says 27% of respondents. 23% of interviewed gamers wait from it improving of multiplayer gaming performance. But exactly every fourth player is ready to use streaming technologies for gaming instead of buying them in tangible form.

Big amount of gamers also consider streaming like an attractive alternative for classic gaming distribution. Streaming allows playing games directly through browser, without downloading and installation. Only you need to be connected to cloud gaming platform, for example Boosteroid.

Bosteroid Cloud Platform allows playing any games – classic and newest through browser with good speed and in Full HD on any PC, Smart TV (soon on mobile also!). Already now anyone can try service for free and become our beta-tester. Hurry up! It’s only few weeks stayed for this offer!

Keep in touch with us, very soon Boosteroid cloud Platform will be fully launched and will open new opportunities for gamers – playing without need of buying newer and newer PCs or consols every few month or new games updates. No need new PC – Boosteroid will care about your gaming.

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