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Starting with the idea that memories exist in context, we build Cirqle, a new storytelling platform. Cirqle replaces conventional hashtags with a powerful combination of collaboration and curation tools, as well as respect for users' privacy. Some stories are meant for small, private cirqles, while others should have worldwide reach. With this in mind, we built a content-centric app, one that allows users to decide which stories and communities are worth following, as opposed to simply following friends as a sign of respect. Cirqle is for storytelling, co-creation, connecting with new friends, and exploring the world through thousands of pairs of eyes. It's not another Instragram. Think Pinterest, but for real life. To try Cirqle, visit www.cirqle.com or the App Store.Behind Cirqle is an international team of developers, designers and community managers based in New York, Amsterdam, Berlin and Moscow.
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