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веб-сервис для комментирования скриншотов сайтов
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kachibito.net kachibito.net RWDにも対応の、Webサイトにコメントを入れて共有出来るWebサービス・「coment.me」 - かちびと.net
www.checkapps.net www.checkapps.net Coment.me | comentar y dibujar en capturas de pantallas de cualquier url | CheckApps
Coment.me | comentar y dibujar en capturas de pantallas de cualquier url
pineapple.io pineapple.io collaboration · Coment.me · Pineapple
Main service task is to create a website snapshot, add a some comments like text, arrows and share it via a short public link. To make commented process …
www.cssauthor.com www.cssauthor.com Weekly – Web Development Resources and Tools #62
It allows to draw or comment over snapshots taken from websites or images.
outilstice.com outilstice.com Coment.me Capture et annotations d’ecran | Les Outils Tice
Coment.me est un excellent outil en ligne pour réaliser très facilement des captures et des annotation d’écran.
www.webdesignerdepot.com www.webdesignerdepot.com What’s new for designers, January 2014 | Webdesigner Depot
Coment.me makes it incredibly easy to comment or otherwise provide feedback on any URL.
www.awwwards.com www.awwwards.com Some Handy Tools for Designers & Web Developers
With Coment.me you can share the url, automatically generate a screenshot of the website at the width of your choice, add your comments, mark issues, and …
www.awwwards.com www.awwwards.com Visual Tools To Aid Your Daily Inspirational Process
Coment.me lets you make quick sketches and notes on any website that tickles your fancy, and share your ideas with your work group.

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