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HipFlat is an easy to use real estate search engine that helps people find a dream home and make an informed decision. Inspired by Trulia, we are targeting very promising and still hugely untapped Southeast Asian market with its 600 million population. We are starting in Thailand, where solving the problem of highly fragmented market. There is no any single source of syndicated real estate listings in the country, no MLSes, no market data. At the same time, Thailand's real estate market is very active, seeing $20 billion in transactions every year. HipFlat is the first property listings syndicator with the largest condo listings database in the country. We are also the first to provide our users with access to market data, including historical prices and rental yields for over 1,500 buildings in Bangkok. After starting in Thailand, we will expand to neighbouring countries, to solve very similar problems there. HipFlat is powered by scalable crawler that automatically collects listings from hundreds of property websites including brokers’ sites, online classifieds and forums. We use natural language processing techniques to extract data from unstructured forum posts and classified ads in Thai and English. The data then cleaned, enhanced and presented to the users in an easily-understandable visual form. Main revenue streams: - Leads generation (starting at $16.5/lead) - Premium ads Other revenue streams: - Advanced search and notification tools for property investors - Affiliated partnerships: insurance, mortgages, appraisals - MLS platform for brokers to co-operate Regional competitors: IProperty (Malaysia) and PropertyGuru (Singapore) with combined valuation of ~$290 million. Both sites are portals, that charge brokers for advertising.
 They do not syndicate listings and lack market data. Fundraising We're now 90% done with raising our angel round from investors in Thailand and Singapore and looking for 1-2 more angel investors to join. Also looking to connect with VCs, who are interested in Southeast Asian markets and might be willing to participate in our next investment round. For more info send me an email: denis [at] hipflat. Для более детальной информации напишите мне на denis [at] hipflat.com
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HipFlat HipFlat 22 Июля 2013
О стартап-сцене в Таиланде
Последние пару лет тайская стартап-сцена растет взрывными темпами. А ведь всего три года назад ее не было совсем. Будучи свидетелем происходивших перемен, описал ключевые моменты в статье "Стартапы в Таиланде есть!"
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