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О проекте «Knomsy Inc.»

A startup is a risky endeavor both for the green entrepreneur as well as someone with years of experience. All startupers have similar questions when embarking on the path of a new business: What should we develop? What is the demand? Where to find investments? How to build the right team? What is a sound system for development?An investor can find oneself in a similar situation and with as many questions. With thousands of options it is becoming increasingly difficult to filter through the ordinary and find the extraordinary projects/teams that truly hold potential for investment. At Knomsy we help Entrepreneurs develop successful and sustainable projects. Our platform allows the realization of ambitions ideas, business structure as well as finding like-minded idea driven followers and partners with whom growth is achievable for both the entrepreneur as well as the investor. Flexible settings allow for one click connections to professionals in the particular segment of interest. For syndicates as well as investment funds Knomsy allows for a transparent vision for every project that is considered for investment.

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