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25% is average email open rate. 89% sales people give up. It takes 7+ touches to convert your prospect into client. It can drive you crazy. 71% leads are lost because sales people don't follow up fast enough.

Are you OK with that? With personal emails you can reach better conversions.



LeadCooker turns your Gmail into marketing automation tool.

Send emails using your own Gmail, not 3rd party. They don't require unsubscribe links and even show up in your Sent box. Personalize your email templates. Send "Hey, Elza, how is {{Elza's Company}} going?" instead of "Hey, how are you?".

Track everything

Track each email when it's delivered, opened, clicked or replied. Use this data to plan or optimize your actions.

Automate follow-ups


You can schedule emails, set up follow-ups and create an automated series of email chains that engages with your prospects.

Try this by yourself on LeadCooker

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