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О проекте «Mapidy»

We are changing the way people used to manage to the way they used to structure information. And the main thing about managing is the Right Sctructuring. We use menthal maps (mindmapping) idea to show everything a person have to do. With great scope-zooming ability, ease of delegations and much more.

Mindmap is a proven way to structure anything – projects, processes, parties, meetings, vacation, trips... Anything indeed. So we take the best format and create the best online tool to manage.
Exceptional online-mindmap is not the only. Every task can transform to a custom process – kanban, scrum, treatment, car service – everything with a great feedback from both sides.

We bring on:
– Great way for efficient management group of projects of even companies;
– No delegation limits;
– Fantastic focus on a particular part of project;
– Simple emotional and technical threshold of entry;
– Convenient for geeks, business and every kind of man.

Amazing for home, work and life.
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