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We’re Ana and Siniša, a psychologist and entrepreneur duo. Our journeys of positive change and inspirational experiences gave us the courage we needed to gently offer a product that discreetly entered our lives, but in return gave us a tenfold boost to our physical and psychological well-being. Matchanna was made from our love for physical and mental health, and we’d like to share this love of ours with you.

The secret is in the Matcha tea that, in just a few grams and a couple of minutes of prep time, brings a hundred more good things to you!

We loved it so much, that we immediately shared it with our friends. They spread the word around, and pretty soon we were stunned by how many friends of friends of friends became regular Matcha aficionados. This small community quickly grew and we were honestly overwhelmed. We never thought our labour of love would amount to anything more than a few good cups of tea shared with friends.

So we spent ages in tracking down the best of the best Matcha suppliers, in an effort to grow our budding business. What we discovered is a small, hard-to-reach, family plantation in the Nishio region, Japan. Nishio is a heritage site of Matcha tea, made famous for this green tea. The locals agreed to supply us with their centuries-long tradition of carefully selected Matcha.

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