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Taplend is a mobile platform that allows you to receive instantaneous loans from friend and financial institutions in just a few clicks.Taplend is a mobile platform that allows you to receive instantaneous loans from friends and financial institutions just in few clicks.

We believe existing players are still too slow and there’s an opportunity to create something simple, yet very powerful: an application that allows individuals to borrow money instantly and under the best possible terms.

There are several existing players that provide peer to peer loans. However, it takes 2 days in average from the moment the user fills the application to the moment they can actually use the money from their account. Even if these platforms charge much less than the 1000% interest payday loan sharks charge, this is not good enough for the most of users' cases.

Our solution is very simple and has two layers.

First, TapLens offers users a very simple platform to borrow from their friends at zero interest. In case this money isn’t enough, they can access a loan from a number of institutions at very affordable rates.

On the friend to friend side, we only charge a small interchange fee and in case the user ends up borrowing from a third party institution, we charge a lead generation fee.

This simple business model lets Taplend captures the value of the connection without introducing the regulatory burden of traditional lending platforms.


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