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The Initiative Group UCS-USSE is the community consisting of public figures, businessmen and active members of the civil society of the countries of Asia, America, Africa, Europe, it represents the project of Universal Cloud State - the Union of Sovereign Subjects of Earth (referred to as further UCS-USSE), proposed by George Newcloud, supported and developed by the Initiative Group UCS-USSE designed to seize the initiative from the group of the wealthiest people of the Earth, known as “Committee of 300”, Bilderberg Club or World Government, who want to create a global state. (We are against any kind of conspiracy theory, but unfortunately, the Bilderberg Club is the sad reality of our time and not conspiracy theory). The Initiative Group UCS-USSE is against globalisation as an instrument of global state creation where the power belongs to the World Government - a small group of the wealthiest people on the Earth. The Initiative Group UCS-USSE advocated the establishment of a Universal Cloud State - a Union of Sovereign Subjects of Earth - universality on the basis of the recognition of the uniqueness of each Sovereign Subject - every citizen of the world. Power in this State does not belong to the World Government, but to all citizens of the world based on the principles of direct digital trinitarian democracy-democracy, where all decisions are made on the basis of an on-line decision of ⅔ citizens of the State, rather than on a simple majority of authorized representatives as in the majority of existing democracies in the world. The control of vote results validation is provided to all citizens of UCS-USSE on the basis of open initial codes of software used on all servers of Universal Cloud State and having full transparency of voting procedure. Service independence from outside influence and their fault tolerance is achieved by placing them in a decentralized private cloud, whose members are all mobile devices and computers of UCS-USSE citizens. We are against globalization! We are for universalization based on recognition of the uniqueness and personal sovereignty of each UCS-USSE citizen!https://www.facebook.com/ucsusse/posts/385628114944198

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