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Denis Alaev
О проекте

Unicorn Bay is a set of professional finance tools to help non-professional investors find assets and optimize investment portfolios with math methods and social recommendations.

We are the only service offers portfolio management for non-professionals without 3rd party advisors. Thus, we have cheaper, faster and more convenient service.

We wanted to make a highly personalized yet fully automated online service catering to the non-professional investor, developing a small but targeted collection of investment optimization tools. Our advice is based on advanced mathematical and statistical algorithms and real-time data collected from a wide range of sources. Our analytics is based on traditional (fundamental and technical) and non-traditional (sentimental) analysis, combining the three different types of analysis to produce a concise recommendation.

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Unicorn Bay Unicorn Bay 7 месяцев назад
Finance Bot for Facebook Messenger
Eventually, we are ready to announce our Finance Bot based on Facebook Messenger API.
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