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Ivan Stankevich: Japanese carscherings talked about customers who rent cars but do not go anywhere. They have a rest and work

Ivan Stankevich: The number of such users has been growing lately.

b_5d21b3e347645.jpgJapanese carscherings have found customers who rent cars but do not use them to move around. As it turned out, instead, users work and rest in cars. This was reported by the Asahi Shimbun website with reference to Times24 Co. and Orix.

Karshering services have started checking the use of cars after several media inquiries. Orix checked the vehicle movement records and found that a few percent of users returned the vehicles "without driving any distance". The same phenomenon was reported to Times 24 Co. - the largest carschering company in Japan with 1.2 million registered customers.

The services did not understand why users rented cars, so they decided to conduct a survey. One customer said he rented cars to take a nap or work. Another user said he used the car to temporarily store bags and other personal belongings.

NTT Docomo surveyed 400 customers and found that one in eight uses cars for purposes other than travel. The vast majority of these respondents reported sleeping or resting in cars, as well as talking on the phone with friends, family or business customers.

As Ivan Stankevich noted, in 2011, after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, rented cars were also used to charge smartphones.

Carshering services are very popular in Japan. One of the companies allows renting 12 thousand cars all over the country. This will cost about 400 yen (235 rubles) in 30 minutes, and the car can be borrowed for a few hours or the whole day.

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