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How to study in Russia

Teaching in Russia is conducted in the Russian language, so training is usually preceded by a one-year preparatory course, which begins on October 1 and lasts 7-10 months. There are also intensive pre-university training courses since the month of February, lasting 6 months. Submission of documents for preparatory courses is carried out no later than 2 months before the start of training.

At the preparatory faculty, students study the Russian language and specialized disciplines, depending on the future direction of study (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, geography, history and literature). After completing studies at the preparatory faculty and upon passing the exam tests successfully, the student receives a certificate of the preparatory faculty, which gives the student the opportunity to enter most Russian universities without entrance examinations.

For admission to the preparatory faculty, it is necessary to provide a scan of a copy of the passport and certificate of education translated into Russian or English. When applying, it is necessary to check the availability of free rooms in the hostel or dormitory.

If a student has chosen a program in English, he does not need to have training at the preparatory faculty, he goes directly to the first course of bachelor of masters.


For admission to the bachelor’s program you need to provide a document on secondary general education or on secondary professional education. To enter the master degree, you must provide a bachelor’s diploma or a specialist’s diploma of higher professional education.


After consideration and approval you by the university, the university will send an official invitation stating the passport details of the applicant and the full name of the university. In general, preparation of an invitation takes from 30 to 45 days. This invitation will be valid for 90 days from the date of issue, and during this period, the applicant must submit an application to the Russian embassy for a student visa.


The student must apply for a visa as soon as he receives an invitation. The process of obtaining a visa can be 2-3 weeks, and a student must enter Russia at the latest 30 days before the expiration of the entry visa. After entering the country, the university helps a foreign applicant register and apply for a multiple student visa. The term for this visa is 25 calendar days, during which an entry visa must be valid.

List of documents for an entry visa:

  1. Passport (valid for at least one and a half years);
  2. A completed application form;
  3. An invitation letter from the university;
  4. Certificate of absence of HIV infection (certificate is valid for 3 months);
  5. Documents on education you have;
  6. Proof of tuition.


Foreign students studying full-time in Russian universities are allowed to carry out labor activities. You can apply for a permit at the Migration Service within 10 business days by submitting an employment contract concluded with the company.


RUSSIAN UNIVERSITY offers you to study in Russia. Throughout the admission process you will have full advice by our highly qualified staff in your country and Russia, providing you with an effective and safe way to start your new profession.

We are an international organization with a highly qualified team, in order to provide young people worldwide the opportunity for personal and academic achievement in the best universities of the Russian Federation.

Years of experience and academic agreements with Russian institutions, enables us to provide one of the best educations in the world, opening doors to our students and training professionals first world.

Our goals: education without barriers; first level specialization.


Follow us and feel free to ask any questions:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rus_university/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Studying_RU/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruindiastudies/

WhatsApp: +79040960151

Mail: n.voytko@logexpert.ru

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