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Technologies Transformed Our Lives

Science and technologies built bridges for us humans to attain success and advancement.

All sorts of vehicles such as ships, cars, trains and air-planes set our feet completely free from long distance walking and jogging. Speaking of tools of communications, rotary dial and hand-cranked telephones in the long distant past evolved into Pagers, bulky hand phones, then nowadays pretty much everyone owns a cell phone which has put an end an era of having to scream and yell at each other to communicate. Effective communication is very important.

Burglarproof doors and electronic locks or access control measures rendered watchdogs obsolete. We nowadays cook our food with liquefied petroleum gas, rice cookers as well as microwave or ovens instead of rudimentary equipment like carbon furnaces.

Technology Transformed Our Lives

Times are changing while science and tech advance. Thanks to such advancement the Interweb has become an indispensable tool to use for chatting, entertainment and studying online, transforming our lives thanks to both computers and the Interweb. Students at primary schools surf the web only to play games and have idle chinwags, thus they rarely do any schoolwork while they are online. We saw countless of such cautionary tales & examples, because of the presence of computers.

Science and technologies surely transformed our lives by granting us the comfort and convenience , yet are you not aware of air pollution, people having hard times breathing clean air, amount of precipitation in winters shrinks ?

Science and tech have ruined animals’ lives as much as it does with improving our lives. The dirt and foul particles in the air makes it unbreathable for animals and humans alike, to the brink of mass extinction of many rare species.

Science and technology do have transformed our lives, as a result I surely hope one day they can truly «change our lives.»

Technology Transformed Our Lives

Science evolves as rapidly as the speed of light. Try to ask your parents about how they watched TV during their childhood. They might say, «we used to gather at someone’s so-called rich’s courtyard so as to watch the black-and-white telly. » Look at how happy and content we are at the present time, and what gives us such happiness and content, it’s science and technology.

In old times, we have to insert tapes into tape recorders so we can listen to music. Yet nowadays we can search for whatever we want to hear online, which is the manifestation of technological advancement; in contrast to the thumbnail-sized chips decades ago, we have managed to miniaturize chips to as small in sizes as we desire. This also proves the tremendous advancement of tech.....

I witnessed the advancement of science and tech myself at home. When I was in primary school grade x or something our household upgraded our television, despite its thickness back then. Now the telly, with Plasma, HD and satellite features, etc, has become much thinner and much more powerful and functional than ever; better yet, you may even use it as a computer! Later I saw 3D tellies at consumer electronic malls, " science and tech develops so rapidly!" I exclaimed.

In my hometown, still at the same time, but in the last year, dirt and filth scattered everywhere, I saw spider webs all over lamp bulb’s buttons, with flies flying around the place. Yet last week when I revisited there again, it has been transformed into something brand new: fewer flies, thicker floors (to prevent over-flooding from occurring in case of heavy rains. The avenue sitting in the middle of the rivers has been paved with concrete, no longer have a bumpy surface like before.

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