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5 Tips to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

A lot of effort goes into attracting leads to your company’s website and then capturing them via a combination of free offers, effective calls to action, professional landing pages and forms.

However, don’t think that you are done after you’ve captured your leads. Those leads are just leads until they turn into customers, and that doesn’t just happen. You have to nurture your leads in order to turn them into customers, and nurturing leads takes time — it requires the development of a lead nurturing campaign. The following are 5 tips that will help you to improve the effectiveness of your lead nurturing campaign:

Have a goal

Don’t just begin tossing out emails to consumers that you have just captured. That’s not how it works — you need to have a goal for your lead nurturing campaign. What are you trying to achieve here? For example, is the point of your emails to increase the productivity of sales? Is it to educate leads on your products and services? Is it to increase your ROI? The strategy of your lead nurturing campaign will be determined in large part by the goals that you set.

Create a plan

Once you have a clear goal you’ll want to develop a plan for your lead nurturing campaign. For example, you shouldn’t send out your first email without knowing what the next two emails are going to be. Figure out what each email will be for each stage of your lead nurturing campaign and when you plan on sending them out. You want to be consistent with your emails, but you don’t want to bombard your leads either. There’s a fine line between emailing too much and not enough. Additionally, each email should be created with the buying cycle in mind. Consumers will become less of a lead and more of a potential customer with each email, which means you won’t want to treat them like a lead in subsequent emails.

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Have specific calls to action

Each email that you send out needs to have a single and clear call to action. This means focusing on only one subject at a time in each email. If you try to pack your emails with too much information, which requires numerous calls to action, your leads are going to get confused, which is the last thing you want.

Keep the individual consumer in mind

A huge mistake that companies make is to send out mass emails to all of their leads. Each lead is different and hopefully the forms they filled out gave you enough information to realize this and to treat them differently. First of all, make sure your emails don’t sound like they were written by robots. Be conversational so that they can relate. Secondly, different leads will want different information. For example, a company that produces pet food shouldn’t send out a mass email about cat food when a large portion of their leads may have dogs instead of cats. The form the leads filled out should have asked what type of pet they had so that you can cater specifically to them in your emails.

Use analytics

You should always use analytic tools in order to judge the effectiveness of your lead nurturing campaign. Different metrics that you should keep an eye on include how many of your emails are opened up, what types of headlines attract the most readers, what calls to action are the most effective and more. This allows you to adjust your lead nurturing strategy during the campaign, thereby giving a better chance at successfully nurturing your leads.

Once you’ve captured your leads, you’ll need to nurture them in order to achieve your goals as a company. These are five tips that you should keep in mind as you develop your lead nurturing campaign.

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