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3 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Should Be Sharing Blog Posts

Your company blog is a vital link between you and your community. If you have a fairly visible and successful blog, it is being seen by a variety of different visitors on a daily basis, with the majority of your visitors arriving at your blog via inbound links elsewhere on the Internet. Something you should not do is underestimate the power of your blog when it comes to generating interest in your company, products, or services.

The creation of your blog content should actually be a collaborative effort among your sales team. By giving the entire team the task of creating blog content, you are putting your blog’s marketing power in their hands, which is their area of expertise. There are also other reasons why your sales people should be responsible for sharing the creation of your blog posts, and here are a few of those reasons:

Expert Content

As mentioned, marketing tactics are the nuts and bolts of a sales team. Establishing a rapport with your potential clients, providing motivation for progress into and through your sales funnel, and solidifying the interest of a hesitant «would be» purchaser are all core components of a sales person’s area of expertise. Your blog should be part of your marketing strategy and is just one more method through which you generate leads and convert those leads into customers, so your sales people are the ones who would be most capable of accomplishing those goals.

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Knowledge of Current Marketing Campaigns

Your blogs should consist of content that focuses on your current marketing campaigns, whether you are promoting products, services, ideas, or simply your brand. By creating your company’s blogs themselves, your sales team is more aware of the current strategies your company is engaging in. This gives them a «leg up» when it comes to presenting a positive impression to those leads with which they communicate through the in-depth knowledge they possess about your marketing efforts.

Increased Knowledge Base Regarding Industry-Specific Information

When your sales team is responsible for creating your blog content, they will have to remain on the cutting edge of industry information, whether it is related to manufacturing, distribution, marketing, peer reviews, sales trends, or new regulations. Blogs aren’t solely sales-focused, and a variety of posts would necessitate a variety of information on a broad range of industry-related topics.

When your sales team does create your blog content, make sure they keep several tips in mind for drafting a successful blog:

  1. Always use captivating headlines and keep them short and sweet.
  2. Appeal to the emotions of your readers, rather than throwing them a standard sales pitch. Give them a real reason why they’d want to learn more about your company, products, or services.
  3. Don’t stick to blog content that is limited to information about you or what you are offering. Branch out and touch upon topics that are loosely related to your niche, as well. This will give you the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert voice of authority in your industry.
  4. Include images and video where possible, but do not set your videos to automatically play. Audio that begins when a page loads, without prompting, is very disruptive and off-putting to many people (especially when they are at work).
  5. Keep your content original. People want fresh and informative content, not fluff or filler that they can find in a dozen other online locations.

Task your sales team with creating your blog posts and put them in a much more powerful position when it comes to motivating leads to become customers. This will also empower your sales team to take initiative, be more creative, and focus more on acquiring the knowledge they need to be the best in the business, no matter what your business may be!

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