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5 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Should Be Using HubSpot’s Sidekick

Integrating sales technology into your organization can make a huge difference in sales. Sales tools can help your team achieve its goals in a streamlined and efficient way.

HubSpot’s Sidekick, which was formerly known as Signals, but now has even more great features, is one such sales tool you should be looking into. HubSpot’s Sidekick is a browser extension for Google Chrome that contains many useful tools that can give your sales team the best chance of success. It has a great return on investment, it’s easy to use, and it can be seamless integrated into your current CRM, so your team doesn’t have to learn a completely new program from scratch.

Here are five reasons we think your sales team could benefit from using HubSpot’s Sidekick.

Save Time with Insights

Sidekick’s tool called Insights can be incredibly helpful in allowing your sales team to collect online data on prospects and clients. It works in the background while you browse the internet. So when you’re on a client’s website trying to learn more about his organization or trying to get contact information, you don’t have to search far. Insights will display all the relevant business data on the right-hand side of your screen so you have all the information you need in an organized list.

And if you’re prospecting, Insights gives you a list of related companies to the one you searched, too, so you can start building new connections. This tool can significantly shorten the amount of time your team spends researching and prospecting.

Source: How Your Sales Team Can Benefit By Using Twitter

Leverage Your Content

You spend time and money on creating quality content for your sales reps, but you’re not seeing it being used. With HubSpot’s Sidekick, you can leverage your valuable content by creating templates that your reps can easily access from their inboxes. When the content is right at their fingertips, it’s a lot more convenient for them to use it. You’ll see a higher usage rate, which in turn will captivate your prospects and lead to more sales.

Smarter Emailing

All of your sales reps email—it’s an efficient means of communication. But it can be even more efficient if they were able to get some additional data. With HubSpot’s Sidekick, you can email smarter. When you integrate it with your web-based email platform, you can help your sales team streamline their efforts.

Your reps will not only get the option to delay sending mail until a better time, but they’ll also get real-time updates about the contacts they’re emailing. These updates pop up right on the screen, and can let your reps know who opened which email and even which links were clicked. This kind of information can help your reps understand their clients’ interests, intentions, and thoughts a little bit better.

Source: How I searched and found a company that delivers goods from China

Less Data Entry Requirements

Because HubSpot’s Sidekick automatically enters client contact information from Insights or email into your CRM, your reps will spend much less time sitting at their desks, getting distracted, losing momentum, and getting bored. They’ll have more time to spend on more important sales tasks, but you’ll still have a totally updated CRM database. And as bonus, you get to know that all of the data entered is totally error-free.

Better Sales Engagement with Contacts

Wouldn’t you like to know when and where your reps should be communicating with prospects in order to have the best chance of closing deals? HubSpot’s Sidekick allows you to know just that by determining which channel is best for communication. The real-time lead notifications can let you know if a client or prospect is at his desk looking at your website or even which social media channel he is currently active on. With this information, your reps can more effectively use their time contacting the right prospects at the right time. You can even narrow your notifications to filter data for only your most important prospects.

Source: Employees prioritise holidays over promotion

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