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Review and comparison of 2 services for video conferencing that don’t require additional software installation

In this article we will review and compare such popular platforms as Google Meet and Proficonf.

It’s a well-known fact that Zoom is the leading platform for video conferencing, but there’s a thing — software installation is required. Even though there is a browser version, service insistently offers to install the application.

So now, let’s consider only services that straight away work in browsers and don’t require any additional software. Moreover, let’s take a look at paid functionality, cause free features are not always enough, right?

We have identified 10 functions, which you should consider when choosing the best platform for video conferencing, online meetings or distance learning:

  1. Connecting to a conference without registration;
  2. Demonstration of the screen, program window, browser tabs;
  3. Uploading and demonstrating of various files by host and participants;
  4. Demonstrating videos from YouTube or Vimeo;
  5. Intuitive interface without complicated settings;
  6. Ability to hold or participation in events from cell phone without installing an app;
  7. Technical support in the chat;
  8. Maximum number of participants over 100;
  9. Ability to record the conference;
  10. Price.

We won’t rate the connection quality, because it’s always subjective and depends on personal experience. All these services use the WebRTC technology and video quality in identical conditions is not distinguishly different.

Google Meet

Google Meet allows you to organize a video meeting in no time. To start a video conference, you need to log in your Google account or create a new one. You can use any popular browser — you won’t need to download anything.

However, to participate from mobile devices you still need to install a mobile application.

Available features include showing your screen, program window or browser tab, using a whiteboard. There is no function of video recording the meeting.

Support chat is not available.


Proficonf is a service for video conferences, online meetings and webinars.

Even with a free plan you can display your screen, program window or browser tab, use a whiteboard, demonstrate video from YouTube, upload and demonstrate various files and presentations. Video recording is available at paid plans.

Chat support is available 24/7.

There’s no need to install anything for participation in the event, just open the link in your browser and enter the conference room.

The result of the comparison can be viewed in the spreadsheet below, with each of the ten functions we marked as important described.

In conclusion, each service has its own features and advantages, that’s why you have to try them out and choose the most convenient exactly for you.

Google Meet is the most suitable for training and business, especially if you work with the Google ecosystem.

Proficonf is the best fit for video conferences, online training and webinars.

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