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The Complete Guide to Boldenone

Boldenone acetate is one of the common forms of Boldenone base drug used by bodybuilders for accelerated muscle mass gains and other benefits. While not the most common form of Boldenone (Boldenone Undecylenate – Equipoise, is the most common), it is readily available from online as well as underground resources.

If you’re looking for effective steroids, chances are you’ve come across Boldenone. It’s by far one of the most famous injectable steroids. This compound has the ability to rapidly increase lean muscle mass and strength. Bodybuilders and gym rats will often reffer to it as Equipose or Boldenone Undecylenate.

Boldenona Reveex Injectable solution Presentation: 100 and 250 ml vials. Indications: Fattening, Rickets, Lack of appetite, Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia, Arthritis deformans, Anemia, Leukopenia, Senile weakness, Decreased fertility or Sexual weakness in males and females, Recovery of old cows, During convalescence.

Boldenone steroid is one of the most popular and commonly used anabolic androgenic steroids by competitive and non-competing bodybuilders and athletes today. Before considering usage, dosage, and results, understand how boldenone steroid is designed to work in the body.

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