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О проекте «Revenga Entertainment»

«We are now in a such moment of entertainment history when movie and game industry steps on the same ground collapsing into something new. New generation of entertainment!» by Quantic Dream, PS4 reveal day.

Revenga is a platform, pipeline and content delivery technology for Interactive Cinematic Experience. We are looking forward to see 3D scanned or rebuilt for ex. Tom Cruise or Morgan Freeman covering your back on iPad, iPhone, Android, PS and XBox during infinite hours of gameplay.

In 1979 George Lucas reinvented cinema by creating completely new production pipeline for the Star Wars.
I want Revenga to make next step. A step to Interactivity and Gamification. Now all parts of that puzzle are on table: strong consumption pattern, great content delivery channels, production tech is very cheap and lots of TV reinvention buzz.
Revenga will be first to pack all scattered tools, tech, and knowledge into one single platform.


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