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О проекте «StretchPay»

StretchPay is a PayPal application that makes money transfers easy. With StretchPay, you can forget about one-off payments and pay a little at a time, depending on whether you're satisfied with the services you've purchased.StretchPay is a service allowing users to stream, or 'stretch,' the process of money transfer over time. StretchPay increases the flexibility of and control over money flow, allowing Customers (buyers) and Providers (sellers) to enter into service and procurement agreements with confidence, and helping to ensure that both parties' obligations will be met throughout the duration of their engagements.

For customers:

StretchPay gives Customers the power to control their spending in real time, and to tailor their money allocation for online services or products to the receipt of actual deliverables. With StretchPay, Customers set the speed of money transfer and can begin, interrupt, resume, and conclude online procurement transactions, all according to the performance of the Provider. Customers set the initial payment amount and decide whether to provide an up-front deposit to (and/or to hold a retainage amount from) the Provider. Customers can replenish the total payment amount at any time.

For providers:

StretchPay is a powerful financial tool that Providers can use to market their services to new customers; provide effective and immediate customer service for any issues that might arise; allocate their time efficiently according to the status of payment streams; and automate the accounts receivable process and avoid much of the time typically associated with billing and dunning delinquent customers. With StretchPay, Providers can actually watch their money grow.

Visit our site: www.stretchpay.com

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