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Slides Framework – Create Beautiful Animated Websites

Create beautiful websites with stunning animations and clean code. The best way to showcase your product is a presentation and Slides is the perfect way to present your ideas.

The best way to showcase your product is a presentation and Slides is the perfect way to present your ideas. Slides provides a step­by­step way for you tell a story about your product in an attractive way. If you have a growing company, then you know important it is to make a great impression with clients and investors. That’s why we made Slides.

Here’s how it works: Simply find slides you like, pick the panels you need, customize your navigation and choose an animation between slides that you like. Export the template and you are ready to work with your content. We built it simple using clean HTML, CSS and jQuery. With clean, logical and reliable code you can upload finished Slides to your website or with your hosting and it will work. And with no limitations on export, you can use it for as many products as you want.

We’ve crafted many beautiful and thoughtful slides and templates to help you best present your ideas and grow your business. We’ve researched and investigated all the top modern websites to better predict your future needs and create a great space for your content. Your site will look awesome on any device from TV screen to smartphone with effects and gestures.

Finally, an attractive and beautiful website is possible with a few clicks. Slides. Build to impress.


Many ready-to-use templates and slides - Slides contains 60 beautiful slides and 11 quick­start templates that you can combine. It was born to help you to create a beautiful form for the story you want to tell. Every slide is available in PSD, Sketch and HTML formats.

Build quick - Choose the slides you like, change anything you want and get your beautiful site ready in no time.

Clean code - Built with HTML, CSS and JS. No other framework needed. We don’t lock up your content.

Animation - Every slide and component includes seamless, stunning animation. Tweak it if you like.

Good for designers - We have designed everything in Photoshop and Sketch. Using material colors, symbols and free fonts.

Helpful manual - Discover Slides with setup instructions, helpful documentation and useful examples.

Save time - We spent a lot of time making a perfect design, markup and animation ... so you don’t need to.

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