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О проекте «theRoom»


As most of us here - we are a group of young and burning idea people willing to create a simple, beatifful and intuitive to use team - photoshooting application. Which would allow to create theRooms and fill it with the people from your address book for teamphotoshooting of the event. It is a cocktail of an event calendar, data storage, photosharing application and photo identifier poured into a one beatifully shaped glass.


How does it happen?You pick people from your address book

  • Create theRoom together and choose if you want this room to be private or public.Since now every room member can fill the room with ideally shaped photographs designed for easy scrolling.
  • Close the room and upload it to theRoom's cloud storage with an easy access in application for smartphones and website for browsers. Create,organize and share your albums. Each album indicates the organiser, date, number of member and photos
  • ________________________________________________________________________________
  • No need to store thousands of photos on your phone
  • If store, than store the most significant ones.
  • No need to worry about your data. On the web each private room will be seen only to the members
  • Our shape based design will let you to easily navigate in application.Registration won't require your real name, only your username and phone number.
  • Your invitations to theRooms are as an event calendar
  • After closing of theRoom - each photo recieves a URL link into a web platform. So you can easily and privately share with your photos on facebook, emails or even sms.


Right now we are on stage of prototype. We need your help to hire people for writing the app code for iOs and Android. And of course this process requires equipment and hardware as well as cloud facilities. We need cloud structure constructers in order to give a shape to the cloud network, designers for finalising the key design elements. Marketing tools for making the product wider.

The prototype we used here - it's just a prototype for make you understand the principles of the objects organisation in our UI.

We believe that together we change the world with a bit more simple and a bit more private products.____________________________________________________________________________________
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