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Top 10 companies who are looking for project manager with certification PMI ACP

If this list is long, we apologize to you from the beginning.

PMI ACP Certification has one of the greatest significant & valued PMI certifications. They has an international attendance and it is familiar through the nearly each and every industry, particularly healthcare, which they encourages to the 17% part of project based employment. Under we has to list in approximately of the highest corporations that has to hire PMI-ACP Certified Project Manager (CPM).


SAIC features include IT solutions, logistics and supply chain, systems engineering. Its deep purchaser and area knowledge permit it to supply system engineering and integration offers for large, complex projects. The company has a team-based culture. Employees also consider it a very professional environment. They provide a very professional environment, competitive pay and benefits. Always seek the help of senior officers and support staff to implement the assigned agreement effectively. This helped prevent errors in the plans and created more confidence behind the product.

Deloitte. USA, India

The industry has various technologies such as transformation, automotive, financial services, healthcare, industrial products and entertainment. Deloitte is an MNC hack. With completed to 100k employees, Deloitte is a worldwide attendance is more than the 100 positions.


Jacobs works in the construction, aerospace and defense, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and transportation industries. Their employees are mostly appreciating the company’s culture, which allows them to grow professionally. They have better procedures and procedures and are strictly followed. Jacobs has an excellent employee culture, hired PMI-ACP certified and advanced in IT skills.


It is a state-of-the-art and reliable payment processing network worldwide. It has joined with the 200 nations & grounds to about the world. Visa do not to involve any overview! The company has a continuously observing to the services of the technical scheme directors who is expert PMI ACP specialists.


Amazon alone generates about 70% of its revenue from AWS. Amazon’s offer has many customers, including governments and tech companies such as Google and Apple. Amazon is committed to hiring project managers to tackle its growing business. Although it has met one of the toughest criteria needed and the highest salary of 125,000 per year for project manager roles.

Hex Familiar Technologies Limited — Singapore

With a total value of 3 33 million, the company has 36 global offices serving more than 18kg employees with a vision of the past with disruptive, cool, highly emotional, fearless attitude, and anchored views. This company is the biggest supporter of PMI ACP certification. Although the conflict between PMI and AXELOS is similar in some APAC countries. The establishment prefers to its project manager to has an PMI ACP certification in a 8 to 18 years of practice.

Rockton — Japan

This B2M e-commerce platform also has a retail wing. It has got its own tech and mobile parts which also provide electronic money and communication services. In its off shore branch to India, Rakutin is an stretchy manner. She is looking for PMI-ACP Certified Project Managers to play the role of Project Manager for Fintech Vertical.

Fire one INC — USA

This network safety company has a listed to the NASDAQ at $ 13 through the over 5,000 organizations. It has to a global attendance. It is one of the dynamic recruiters of the project manager role with PMI-ACP certification.

General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT

)GDIT PMI-ACP has a one of the best recurrent recruiters of specialized project managers. It disruptions the ice through the contribution of the uppermost salary ceiling of 13 130,000 to the part of full time project manager.

Site provides a landscape

The distributor of this green industry and landscape product, which has more than 500 branches in North America, often assists the role of a paid digital project manager in expanding its operations. The company prefers its recruiters to have PMI-ACP certification for the role of project manager. Is the one of the highest corporations to join like as a project manager? It delivers to a 16 160,000 yearly for the older digital project manager parts. And $ 110,000 for the role of Digital Project Manager.

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