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Top WooCommerce Booking Plugins For Your Business

Looking up phone numbers and then calling up to book an appointment is such an outdated practice. When everything has gone online these days, why not your bookings and appointments?Whether you are a dentist or a massage specialist, if your business requires your clients to book appointments with you, it’s best to take your practice one step ahead and digitize the process, so your clients don’t have to pick up the phone – they can do everything online in a few clicks!

If you want a simple plugin that does what you want it to do without any extra bells and whistles, the official WooCommerce Bookings plugin is perfect for you.

It is very simple and easy to use and has all the basic features required for a website that sells bookings and appointments.

Here are some features this plugin comes with:

  • Create time or date based reservation feature
  • Offer specific time slots or allow customers to choose their most convenient time.
  • Enable and configure email notifications for confirmations
  • Send reminder emails
  • Users can cancel reservations.
  • Two types of costs — base cost and block cost

The WooCommerce Bookings plugin is the most popularly used plugin for bookings website. However, the plugin lacks the functionality of search and filters on the front end, which is often a very important feature you need to offer to your clients. Bookings Filter for WooCommerce solves that problem and lets you add search and filtering functionality while using the official WooCommerce Bookings plugin.

YITH Booking

With the YITH Booking plugin, you can easily add bookable products to your website. Here are some features this plugin boasts:

  • 2 methods to choose booking duration — start date or start and end date both
  • Set minimum and maximum number of bookable days for individual customers
  • Accept reservations right away or require confirmation.
  • Allow customers to cancel the reservation and define the duration until when they can cancel
  • Various pricing options


Bookly is one of the top-rated and most popular bookings plugins at CodeCanyon. The plugin comes with a lot of impressive features:

. Integration with Google calendar allows you to sync your bookings

. Built-in form builder for building custom reservation forms

. Special discount coupons

. Email and SMS notifications

  • Several pricing plan options
  • Flexible availability option allows you to set availability for specific hours and days.
  • Set up breaks for holidays and non-operational hours
  • The multilingual extension converts time into the client’s time zone.
  • Automated Google calendar syncing
  • Staff management options allow you to appoint staff members to bookings.
  • Custom shortcodes allow you to display reservation forms on any widgetized place of your website.

  • Modern design with a special focus on user experience
  • SMS reminders
  • Multiple employees support
  • Admin can track appointments in a calendar view.
  • Search functionality
  • Customizable design
  • 4 front end views
  • Extensive admin panel

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